I’ve been desperately in need of a new foundation recently, I’ve been using a cream to powder but I felt like as the weathers been getting colder it was just drying out my skin. So after reading a review on another blog I decided to head to Nars and picked up their Sheer Glow foundation. Honestly the buzz around this is so well deserved, I used to use it when I was about 17 and I’m really not sure why I ever stopped as I certainly haven’t found anything better since.

There are six light foundation shades in the Sheer Glow range, I went for the second lightest shade Mont Blanc (Light2). I’ve found this is probably the best colour match to my skin in any foundation I’ve ever used and it doesn’t oxidise either which can be annoying when you’re as pale as me. The coverage is perfect, you can build it up as much as you need to but even a light layer conceals my redness and blemishes without looking cakey or dry. The finish isn’t oily and it feels very soft and silky, keeping my skin hydrated without being greasy, a feeling which lasts all day.

I normally make it a necessity to buy a foundation with SPF but the lack of which is what gives the foundation a beautifully light weight, no makeup feel on the skin and it’s easy to find a primer or moisturiser with sun protection if you need it. It also blends really easily and I find it glides on perfectly just using your hands so if you’re not into using brushes or sponges this would be a great choice.


While at the counter I decided to get one of the concealer sticks too as the one I’m using at the moment keeps drying in big orange clumps (fabulous) and is also quite hard to blend. I am literally in love with this one already though, it’s got a luxuriously creamy consistency and blends effortlessly over blemishes without looking cakey or clinging to dry patches. I went for the shade Chantilly (Light1) which is the lightest but there are 10 shades in the range so it’s really easy to get a great match. I found that throughout a full day I barely needed to touch up and the finish stayed nice and smooth so even when I did it still built up the coverage beautifully. I love Nars packaging anyway but this little stick is particularly great as it’s the perfect handbag size and the angle of the product makes it really easy to apply. I also used it under my eyes and it didn’t crease or go clumpy either and is just as long wearing as the foundation. I can’t believe I ever lived without these two and I think they are definitely going to be a makeup bag staple from this point on so if you’re in the market for either I would give these a go.

Like everything else within a 10 mile radius of my credit card, I had to buy this dress. I’ve been watching a lot of American fashion documentaries recently and so I felt like it was fate that I found some vintage Neiman Marcus. Sometimes you just fall in love you know? What’s a girl to do?




Dress Vintage Neiman Marcus, Belt Stephen Collins,

Necklace Woolmark, Shoes Christian Louboutin

Unfortunately we can’t all afford to shop the runway but even if you can who doesn’t love a little bargain? So without further ado here’s my top sites for finding those alluring items at affordable prices.

This site has a very exclusive feel which I think is down to their strict selection process, only certain labels are allowed and pieces are approved based on their style and quality. They collect the items from the sellers to list so all the photographs are impeccable and you get an honest product description meaning there’s no disappointments or hidden damages. It doesn’t take a lot of searching to find something you’ll love and they have an inspiration page full of street style pictures and mood boards to get you inspired.

The concept of Vaunte is a designer marketplace that gives you shopping access to the wardrobes of some of the most fashionable women in the world (including Tarcila Bassi of Elle Italia and Jessica Joffe the style editor at DVF). Once a member you can follow people if you have a similar style or size and the home page is a great way to shop specific trends and look out for important sellers. This is an American site so you have to convert the prices and shipping is calculated when you decide to buy so make sure to be aware of extra costs.

Without doubt the most well know, this is Net-a-Porter’s discount sister and so stocks some of the same incredible designers as it’s full price counterpart including Alexander Wang and Oscar de la Renta. The website works really well, it’s easy to search by size or designer and the choices are so good you forget you’re shopping discounted items.  Again a little pricey but if you want to buy something special it’s worth it. They also have their own label Iris & Ink full of great wardrobe staples in a very simple, mostly neutral colour palette that’s worth taking a look at.

This is an amazing site for pre-loved clothes and accessories, the range of designers is so broad and a lot of the pieces seem to be from recent seasons. All of the products are checked for authenticity before you buy them so you don’t have to worry about counterfeits and member profiles mean you can follow others with a similar style to you. Because the selection is so amazing the prices are still quite high but it’s possible to grab a bargain if you’re lucky.

Less strictly regulated this has more of a jumble sale feel but it’s worth searching as often you can find some great pieces from classic designers and a few vintage gems. Also sales go through the website, so if there’s a problem with your item you can be quickly refunded without having to contact the seller. This is great if you’ve been burned by sites like eBay in the past and makes for a fool proof shopping experience.


As I know a few friends who find vintage shopping a little daunting I thought I would compile a quick list of tips to help you make the right choices.


  1. Firstly and very simply just be open minded, have fun and try on everything. Often even the gaudiest of pieces can surprise you and if nothing else it makes for a hysterical Snapchat to your friends.
  2. Be sure to check for any damage or stains, it’s unlikely these would be noted on a label so it’s your job to make sure the garment is in good condition. The worst is to get something home and realise it’s marked and unfixable as most vintage shops won’t offer a refund.
  3. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t find anything, often it’s just a matter of luck but it’s worth a few trips to find something you’ll treasure forever.
  4. Imagination is key! If you see potential in a garment you should get it, making alterations is easy and it means you have something completely unique. There are hundreds of tutorials online to help with sewing and customising clothes and often you only need to make small changes to bring it up to date. Even just taking out some of those killer 80s shoulder pads can make all the difference.
  5. Don’t be fooled by a number, sizes have changed over the years so disregard the labels and try everything on before you buy. Sometimes over-sized works but mostly it’s a great fit that makes something look expensive.
  6. Vintage has become so popular there’s a tendency for things to be overpriced but you have to be clever with your choices and don’t give into the hype. Check the fabric content and the brand on the label to avoid being scammed and you can always do a quick Google search on your phone if you need to verify something.