• Fun Interview Tips

    So these are a pretty general bunch and predominantly common sense however sometimes it’s just nice to have a checklist right? I wouldn’t say I’m in anyway a recruitment genius but these are just things I consider every time I prepare for an interview so hopefully you will find it useful to.


    1. DO YOUR RESEARCH – Like I said common sense. Make sure you know a substantial amount of info on the job role you’re applying for and the company who’s hiring. Common questions like ‘Why did you apply for this role?’ or more specifically ‘What do you know about the company?’ are the very basics that show your switched on and you’ve done your homework. The employer wants you to want to work for them, even if it’s a bread and butter job you have to act like it’s a gold dust position.

    2. Dress as though you’re already hired – Most people respond to visuals and let’s face it we all judge each other on what we wear so make sure you look professional and for the love of god remember to iron your clothes. If you’re applying for a job in All Saints for example don’t strut in wearing a pink tutu dress and carrying a clutch bag, make sure you reflect the ethos of the company you’re applying to.

    3. Be yourself but don’t sell your life story – It’s important to show your personality and let the interviewer get to know you in a professional capacity but your cats name and where your grandma went on holiday aren’t necessary titbits of information.

    4. Be confident and relaxed – Yes it’s a nerve-racking and uncomfortable situation but try not to shake, sweat and stutter your way through it. Preparation is key, if you’ve nailed point one and are prepared for any possible question this should put your mind at ease.

    5. Be engaged – Ask questions, show interest and be excited to be there, try and connect with the interviewer and with other candidates if it’s a group interview. Working as a team and communication are core skills in many jobs, don’t be that little lost lamb in the corner.


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