So at first I wasn’t all about the ripped jeans trend but I’m actually really feeling it now. Firstly because I hacked at these myself and found it to be a wonderful stress reliever and secondly because it makes it 100% easier to bend down in skinny jeans. Oh and they’re pretty cool too.





Jacket Limited, Top Zara, Jeans Vintage,

Shoes LK Bennett, Bag Jenny Packham


So when I received my invite for this I remembered that George Clooney was in the adverts for Nespresso and I had my hopes up that he might make an appearance. Alas he was a no show but that didn’t seem to put a damper on what was an amazing coffee filled day.


We started with lunch which was the most incredible and very healthy spread by the team at Waterloo Tea, I’d never been there before but I loved it. They stock every tea imaginable and they also make some pretty wonderful cakes (I sampled at least 3) so if your in Cardiff I would definitely check it out. After that we began the workshops, there were four including coffee cocktails (absolutely!), coffee cupping (not as strange as it sounds) and a latte art workshop (not my strong suit). You can see my Latte creation above, it’s the blobby leaf to the left, so much harder than it looks! Even with the barista trying to instruct me I think I would’ve needed months of practise before I could master the technique.

The coffee cocktails were great fun, we learnt to make some interesting tipples combining coffee with things like Toblerone, cinnamon and Baileys which were delicious. As for the coffee tasting I had no idea, as much as I love coffee I found it hard to guess the different blends however it was really interesting to learn more about the range of flavours and the origins of coffee.


We also had the opportunity to use the Nespresso machines while we were there to make drinks, I opted for the Vanilla flavour which was incredible but the Ciocattino chocolate flavour was also pretty divine. They were so easy to use and I’ve actually already decided to add the Inissa machine to my Christmas list. It comes with a separate milk frother called an Aeroccino which you can use for things like hot chocolate and works really quickly. Also when you purchase a Nespresso machine you instantly become a member of the Nespresso Club, giving you exclusive contacts with coffee specialists as well as 24hour customer service should you have a problem with your machine or need to place an order.

When it was time to leave we were given some stylish little espresso cups to take home with us which I was so grateful for as once I purchase my coffee machine they will for sure come in handy! Curry’s have also written a post about the event which you can check out on their blog HERE



So a little skin care review today and it’s the Avène redness relief moisturising protecting cream with SPF20. For those who haven’t heard of Avène before, it’s a French skincare brand known for its Thermal Spring Water, which is incorporated into all their products and targets irritated skin. I’ve been looking to update my skincare for winter and needed something very hydrating and nourishing that I could put on before my makeup in the morning and this was the perfect find. It’s nice and light, absorbs quickly and it’s not sticky either so you don’t have to wait to apply makeup up. There isn’t an instant difference but I’ve noticed a significant reduction in redness throughout the day as well as keeping my skin hydrated just from one application in the morning. The SPF20 is also great as the foundation I’m using at the moment doesn’t and it’s just enough sun protection for the winter months. If you’re looking for a little skin pick me up I would definitely go for this, I feel like I’ve found a new beauty staple in this cream and will definitely be repurchasing.

I feel there is so much pressure on a first impression. If you think of a couple in a long term relationship the question they are likely to get asked most is ‘How did you meet?’ We’re all about the instant connections, the love at first sight deal. I think this is the same for every first impression, we look for people of similar style or interests to us and if we don’t get along right away we just write people off.


In my head I can guess a person’s entire life within a minute of meeting them, but in reality I likely have it all wrong. However, as someone who is a constant embarrassment to myself I have learnt to be more aware of other people who find it hard making conversation or being confident in awkward situations. Yes, I’ve met folks that initially I didn’t really connect with, I think that’s something we can all relate to, but this is how some of my closest friendships have started. Even when my first impressions have been bad, or I’ve thought theirs was bad of me, it hasn’t always been a complete write off. Provided you just say or do something silly and you’re not rude or obnoxious (which a lady should never be!) it’s likely people will understand it’s probably just nerves or social anxiety. I guess some people, like me, just take longer to form friendships and be comfortable around people than others but when I do they’re so much stronger so it’s worth that time.

In terms of the first impressions I give, I always think of what I was wearing, or what I looked like at the time, something which is often the source of embarrassment for me.  Its lovely cringing over the memory of lipstick stains on my teeth, or the tooth paste all over my top or lastly and my most favourite, the big green lettuce leaf stuck in my front teeth (sexy). I’m also quite quiet when I first meet people, I find I’m predominantly silent but then I’ll somehow manage to say something so unbelievable stupid or embarrassing that I’m too scared to speak again. This often means that I get blacklisted as a crazy lady which could have been avoided if I just relaxed and was myself in the first place. It isn’t always the case, but it’s mostly when I can’t find something to instantly relate to or begin a conversation about. Or just trying to explain what’s in my teeth!

I definitely need to stop caring so much about what people think and start being more confident and that way, maybe the first impressions I give will improve. There’s nothing more appealing than someone who is happy in themselves. I heard an amazing piece of advice recently which is that every time you meet someone new you should tell yourself ‘no one has a reason not to love me’. It sounds silly but it’s true. This is the attitude I need to try to adopt.  I think the only way to get over the fear is to just get out there and talk to more people, even while I’m shopping or just out to lunch I should make random conversations and get over that initial awkwardness of just opening my mouth. Like I said I’ve embarrassed myself enough to know the worst, so I really have nothing to lose and maybe gain some fun friends.