photoSo this week I went to a glam evening to celebrate the launch of Ruth Crilly’s (A Model Recommends) new collaboration with COLAB Hair. I’ve watched her channel for so long now that it was really lovely to meet her and find out about her new product, she is insanely beautiful in person!

A little champagne and chat was followed by a demonstration from session stylist Darren Hau, he taught us how to use the dry shampoo to create volume and texture, as well as building a beautiful beehive look on Ruth. He confided in us some tricks of the trade, including a cool hack, whereby you spray the product at the roots and then straighten it, immediately, to create a backcombed effect, but without causing as much damage to your hair (useful!).

1The launch was for two dry shampoo ranges, the first being a classic and the second an Extreme Volume version. The classic dry shampoo is sheer and invisible (bye grey dust!) and works amazingly well to soak up oil and leave the hair light and fresh. We also got to try out some samples and I loved it, my favourite being the Extreme Volume as it gave me a more dramatic look and really lifted at the roots. The product feels so much lighter than its competition and although the Extreme Volume does have a reside it blends really easily.

Ruth recommended the Tokyo scent (oriental), but there are so many different ones to choose from and it combines a dry shampoo and hair perfume in one which is so useful. There’s the Rio (Tropical), Paris (Floral), New York (Fruity) and London (Classic/Musk) so theres really something for everyone and it lasts. I promise it wasn’t the champagne swaying my decision! I honestly loved it and am definitely converted.





Purple eye shadow, honestly, has bad memories for me, there used to be this girl I was in school with who went nuts with a lavender shade on a daily basis. I’ve just never been able to get into it since, but I’m hoping to get past that with this post. It’s been all over the shows, at Mathew Williamson it was a dramatic smokey eye, taken right up to the brow, very DVF in the 70s. At Guy Laroche it was paired back into a neat cat eye and Vera Wang went all out grunge for her show. As someone with green eyes, this shadow actually works really well for me. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to go all out yet, but maybe just a slick of purple eye liner to dip my feet in the water?



The world isn’t going to end just because of a little rejection. Trust me, if it was I wouldn’t be writing this right now. I’ve lost count of all the things I’ve applied for and heard nothing back or received a copy paste email with my name spelt wrong. It’s annoying, it’s discouraging and lets face it sometimes we think what’s the point anymore? 

The only thing getting me through is just reworking my approach and getting myself back out there, it’s really not worth dwelling on opportunities that weren’t meant to be. I think it’s important to just keep telling yourself it wasn’t the right fit (you didn’t need that big old pay check!) and that maybe it just wasn’t a suitable place for you. Just because one person/company rejects you doesn’t mean the whole World is going to (unless you wear crocs, in which case you bought that on yourself).

I think a true sign that you really want to pursue your passions is that even after a hail storm of rejection you still get it together, get a new plan and reapply. If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it and in the long run when something good comes you’ll know you truly deserve it. What does it matter if it takes 1 year or 30 years to get where you want to be? It’ll be worth it when you do and so much more fun than giving up.

Rejection is really about learning lessons, what did you do that you could have done better? Take it as a blessing and a gift that you can become more self aware, knowledge is power and the more you know the more opportunities that will come your way. We’ve all seen the cliche tv interviews of how people struggled before they made it but it’s damn true. So don’t quit now, get off the sofa, stop reading my blog and get things done. Ain’t no time like RIGHT NOW.

With the weather being beyond freezing, I have found that I literally cannot brave the outside anymore without a nice chunky jumper. This is my new favourite, it was a sale purchase just after Christmas and I’ve barely taken it off since I bought it! I’ve also posted, yet again, a monochrome outfit, I’m still working on getting into colour but just one small step at time (would a coloured earring count?). Plus, this is my first outfit post of 2015! So I hope you like it and here’s to many more to come.




Jumper Mint Velvet, Jumpsuit ASOS,

Boots Office


I finished University back in the summer but it already feels like a lifetime ago. I did Fashion at UCA and I had a really great three years, met some truly lovely people and learnt an awful lot about sewing… and myself. I’ve spent so much time looking at my work recently and I thought it would be nice to share a little glimpse on StyleRarebit as I haven’t shared any on here yet. These photographs are from my FMP collection which was inspired by old WeeGee photographs and the Folies Bergere in Paris mixed with some pretty heavy duty embellishment. If you like what you see I have a little more at and I’m always grateful for feedback. Happy viewing!