d1Like Elise Elliot in First Wives Club, I’ve definitely thought about enhancing my lips. But rather than a syringe full of silicone I thought it best to create it with makeup instead. So my new favourite thing to do is apply lip liner like a child colouring in a book… liberally and by no means inside the lines.IMG_7104-Edit-EditAs with many of my purchases, what first drew me to Diego Dalla Palma was the packaging. Minimalist, elegant, super chic. The length of the pencil itself reminds me of those cigarette holders ladies used in the 20s, it feels very glamourous. These lip liner’s have fast become my favourite, over taking any other brand. I love them because they’re easy to apply, blend-able, highly pigmented and they last ages. I also find that they don’t dry out or chap my lips like other products. At a mere £14.50 it’s an affordable treat, definitely worth tracking down!

*I did add a little lip balm over the pencil for these pictures so expect more off a matte finish.


jacketSo I didn’t have a post planned for this eve but I thought it might be nice to share a little bit more of my design work. I decided to go with this illustration I did for one of my uni projects as part of my final collection. It’s a mix of line drawing, collage, spray paint and watercolour… a lot going on! I have to say I’m not one of the most confident/ accomplished drawers (is that word?) but I just tried to make sure my illustrations conveyed the themes of my collections as best as I could. Hope you like!



I’m so in love! Aren’t these just the cutest shoes ever? Oh how I wish shoe shopping was a job. I needed something simple for everyday and feel these tick a lot of boxes. Black suede is my weakness and I liked that these are quite transitional, not winter but not quite summer either.

s1I love browsing stories.com and often make little wish lists, but these just pulled on my heartstrings and I had to buy them. Incase you didn’t know, & Other Stories is part of the H&M group with a really paired back, minimal, european feel to the products. I love everything on their site, there’s a lot of essentially on trend basics which I see as true investment pieces. They are clothes you can wear everyday and are great quality.




I have a great love for Starbucks, I know a lot of people don’t rate it, but it’s my favourite coffee chain of all. So to celebrate my deep appreciation, I thought I would do a little break down of my favourite drinks.s1. Skinny Vanilla Latte – This is my number one favourite order of all time. Low in calories (opt for the sugar free syrup!) but still a great sweet treat and the perfect caffeine hit.

2. Toffee Nut Latte – Yes this is seasonal, but my god is it worth waiting 9 months for! Creamy, Christmassy and the ultimate winter warmer.

3. Soy Latte – If you need a dairy free option, then opt for this with a flavoured syrup, as an exciting alternative.

4. Chai Tea Latte – A great coffee alternative, it’s infused with flavours cardamon and cinnamon and has a very aromatic scent.

5. Mocha Frappuccino – It’s coffee and chocolate blended into one super cooling and extra tasty summer treat. Just don’t look at the calorie count.

6. Cool Lime Refresher  – Another for the summer but this is extra low in calories. It has a great refreshing taste, mixing lime, mint and cucumber and is dairy free.

*Image courtesy of Starbucks UK Facebook

IMG_6442-Edit-EditWhen I was looking for something for a new outfit post, I wanted to find a piece that was reflective of one of the trends I talked about in my report. This cutesy jacket reminded me of the Marc Jacobs collection, just reinvented in your nana’s blanket (cosy!) and I loved the plumy colour. The little white dress underneath is also evocking a ss15 trend, it’s super seventies, but it has the big utility pockets so it’s two hits in one. This is definitely not my usual look, I rarely dress this casual (or practical… sorry mum) but it’s nice to do something different for a change.IMG_6500




Jacket & Dress H&M Trend

Boots Office