IMG_3721-EditI picked up the Everlasting Foundation and Instant Concealer from Clarins last week and I thought it might be nice to do a beauty post for a change. As it’s been a while! I needed something more full coverage after using the Revlon Colourstay and decided to go high-end, as most drugstore foundations aren’t pale enough for me (ghost girl problems).

The Foundation has a lovely texture, it’s smooth with a slightly matte finish so it goes on really easily and is lightweight on your skin.

I love the Instant Concealer to, I can definitely see the difference under my eyes when I use it and it’s a really nice, light texture. It has great staying power and doesn’t crease either. I find they work quite well together and overall give a lovely, smooth, healthy look to the skin. Being pale as well, I like that they’re yellow based and give more of a healthy glow than something pink based.

Clarins is always a fail safe, and these are good everyday products that I would use again. You could go for something fuller coverage for the evening but overall they give a good natural base.


Everlasting Foundation (105 nude)

Instant Concealer (01)

stylerarebit.comLast week I was very lucky to be invited to the launch of the new Ted&Muffy store in Bath. For shoes, champagne and

stylerarebit.comThe product is incredible, lots of classic and wearable styles were reinvented with quirky leathers and stand out colours. There’s defitely an emphasis on more unusual fabrics and textures that makes T&M stand out from other brands.

stylerarebit.comThey also had some great little bags, with cute chain straps. I think the leopard one below might have to make an appearance in my

stylerarebit.comThe interiors of the store were photoshoot worthy to. White, crisp but with the exposed brick work and wooden furniture giving it a very scandi feel. There wasn’t a single person there, who I didn’t hear say they wanted their house to look like the
IMG_3226Ted & Muffy

33 Milsom Street,

Bath. BA1 1DG  So I’m no hair genius by any stretch of the imagination but I do have practice getting ready to go somewhere with no time to get ready (juggling 3 jobs is no joke). So here’s a post of my top 4 go to styles, that are all really simple and pretty much fail-safe. If I can do it, you definitely can. StyleRarebit.com1. H A L F . T O P . K N O T

Despite being murdered by hipster men everywhere, this style still made my list. It’s so easy and works really well on second day hair, plus it takes about 30 seconds to do. I’ve done this one with a hair band and made it really messy but you can pull it into a sleek bun if you need something more dressy.StyleRarebit.com2. V I N T A G E .  T W I S T

I’m pretty sure everyone I know has seen this at some point. This is my number one go to, because it doesn’t matter if your hairy is curly, straight or otherwise. You literally just twist from your hairline right around to the back of your head and secure it with bobby pins. You can also do this with a pony tail, which looks really polished and is just as quick.StyleRarebit.com3. A S Y M E T R I C . P L A I T

This is a kind of speedy Veronica Lake-esque look. I’m the worst at French braids but it doesn’t matter so much because I use bobby pins to clean up any loose hairs. For this look plait around to the back of your head and pin on the other side to secure all the volume on the opposite shoulder. This is a good one for second day curls.StyleRarebit.com4. P O L I S H E D . P O N Y

Ok, so… this might not be all my own hair but this is why its so easy. I love a little clip in and it’s as simple as tying back my hair and wrapping it round my pony tail. It just helps to add more volume and I don’t have to style it either with cuts time. However if you’ve just got your natural locks, you can still create this with some curling tongs and finishing by wrapping a strand of hair around the base of your pony.

Let me know what you think of these! And if you have any of your own styles put them down in the comments box below.

Photography: Sarah Barnes