Summer is almost here and there’s nothing like a pretty dress to get you in the mood for some sunshine. This is my first piece of the season too and I never thought it would be a white dress, especially as I’m so clumsy but I just fell in love with this. It’s by Girls on Film at House of Fraser and it has the perfect combination of cool and comfortable that works perfectly in the summer. I love the crossover detailing at the neckline and the pretty trim at the bottom which adds a little texture amongst all the white. It has a really comfortable oversized fit which is lovely and cool and you can easily layer it up with a biker jacket or a crop jumper. I just need you all to pray that I don’t spill anything…

Dress by Girls on Film at House of Fraser *Gifted

To shop more dresses at HOF click here stylerarebit.comDouble denim is the one fashion faux pas I just can’t seem to figure out. Is it ok, is it not ok? Is it ok if you mix different colours? Who knows… who cares.

I think now that I’m getting older (practically ancient here at 24) I seem to care a lot less for trends and more for what I actually want to wear. When your younger all you want to do is look the same as everyone else but as you get older you want to be more of an individual. It becomes less about being cool and more about dressing for your lifestyle and exploring your personal sense of fashion.

I feel like the older you get the more comfortable you feel in your own skin anyway and who cares what people say? If that fluro 80s jumpsuit or pair of mustard yellow cords are calling your name, you go for it.

Shirt: H&M Menswear

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: Zara

Of all the events I’ve been to so far in my short time blogging, this was by far my fave.  I was very, very lucky to be invited to a cosy diner at St.Davids hotel by Salon Success, in the most amazing room overlooking Cardiff Bay. It was the perfect gals evening to just chat, drink some wine and talk about beauty. We began by going through some makeup from New CID, including this amazing nude lipstick which lights up and a pretty incredible eyebrow pencil. We all got to play with the products and take a little goodie bag home, so I’ll make sure to share all those with you very soon. Diner consisted of a yummy leak and potato soup, with mini Welsh Rarebit (cute coincidence!), chicken and veggies for main and an Apple Tart Tatin for dessert. Sounds dreamy doesn’t it? The first haircare products we talked about were the Marula Oil ones from Paul Mitchell’s new range. Marula oil comes from the nuts on the Marula tree and the concentration of it in these products is very high, which helps to hydrate and repair damaged hair. They smell incredible also and my favourite product so far is the rare oil treatment, which is extra nourishing.

stylerarebit.comLastly we talked through the Awapuhi Wild Ginger range (still can’t pronounce it) also by Paul Mitchell. The Awapuhi plant is grown on a farm in Hawaii, purchased by Paul Mitchell and his friend John Paul DeJoria to produce the plant sustainably. Very impressive! It has the most gorgeous smell too, like the richest ginger biscuit you could possibly ever find and I can’t wait to try it out.

I was so grateful to be invited to this, it was such a lovely evening and I’ll get these reviews up very soon! If there’s anything in particular you would like to hear about though let me know in the comments.

IMG_5401-2 My friend tipped me off that a store by my house was selling these and after seeing a million youtube videos about them I had to pick some up.  BRTC is a derma technology cosmetic brand that specialises in skin care. The masks may be the most well known of their products but they also offer serums, creams and cleansers with the same benefits. However, these were what I was most excited to try and I’m so glad I found them. After watching Lisa Eldridge’s Korean hauls it’s my dream to go on a makeup shopping trip there, one day!

IMG_5410-2 IMG_5417-Edit-2IMG_5436-Edit-2-Edit-2   The first mask I used was the nourishing sheep mask, which looks completely terrifying. I swear on everyone else it looked so cute but I put it on my face and I was like holy cow that is horrifying. However it smells incredible, very much like grapefruit and is lovely and cooling on the skin. Normally face masks are really cold but this is actually a really lovely temperature. When you first take it out of the packet it feels like theres a lot of product on the mask but once it’s on your face it starts to soak in quite quickly. It felt instantly soothing and I had no irritation or sensitivity at all, which is rare for my skin when using masks.

IMG_5455-Edit-2The next one I tried was the anti-ageing Empress Mask, this didn’t smell as natural/scented as the first one but more like a serum. It really plumped and lifted my skin and gave me a nice glowy finish. I feel like this would be the perfect pre-night out/special day mask as it gave me a good starting point to put on my makeup.

IMG_5465-Edit-2IMG_5473-Edit-2The last mask I tried was the Temptation mask which was my favourite design. This one was really nourishing and had a similar smell/texture to the sheep mask. It gave me dewy, moisturised finish and really helped to get rid of any dry, red patches on my skin. All the masks feel really light and even though they give great results they’re not harsh or heavy either. I would also say, for me anyway, they seemed to give much better results than traditional face masks.


If you’ve tried these masks or any other BRTC products I would love to hear your thoughts below. I will definitely be picking up some more of these soon and might even try out some of their other products if I can get my hands on them!

IMG_5220 I am very much obsessed with Kiko at the moment. I think it’s maybe just the joy of having a new makeup store in town to replace the affordableness of Beauty Crowd that I can experiment with. There’s just something really fun about playing with makeup and not spending £40 on every product.

IMG_5228 They recently did a buy 3 get 3 free offer which was amazing and I’ve picked up lots of other pieces over this last few months which I’ve blogged about too. One of the first things I picked up was a complimenting lipliner and lipstick in a dark plum colour.

The smart lip pencil is so soft and buttery, it goes on really nicely has good colour payoff if you wanted to wear it just on it’s own. I matched this with the Unlimited Stylo in Burgundy which is also a lovely, creamy consistency with a dewy finish. My hair is currently auburn, so I might be committing a sin with that choice but I love it all the same.

IMG_5225 For eyes I picked up the Fine Art Pencil in 01 Unique Butter to line my inner lash line for a more wide awake look. I also chose the Pearly Eye Base Primer as I’ve never used one before and I’ve been meaning to try one for a long time. It does give a really nice base and my shadow definitely lasts longer than usual. It’s very, very illuminating so I’ve been using it under my eyes too for a really bright look.

IMG_5231I picked up a pot of eyeliner to give it a try too. I’ve always used the same Rimmel one since I was a teenager but everyone seems to rave about these. However I put in on yesterday and by the end of the day it had smudged all over the place, so either I need more practise or it’s not particularly long lasting. Lastly I managed to grab a gold eyeshadow in 208 which I’ve been using as a highlighter and it gives a really gorgeous glow to the top of my cheekbones. Perfect for summer!