Merry Christmas everyone! Waaahh I am too excited! This is by far my favourite day of the year. I’ve got my parsnips, my mulled wine, wrapped all my presents and am literally counting down the minutes. There’s just something so special about Christmas and I love getting together with all my family, especially those that I don’t get to see very often. So to try and contain my excitement, I thought I would take some pictures of my wrapping skills for a Christmassy post.

I went for a traditional theme of brown paper and string (which I do every year!) and some cute little stickers and ribbons I picked up. How lovely are those stars?? The flowers are an early gift from my boyfriend too and I wanted to take some snaps of them as well as they are so beautiful.

I hope your all as excited as I am and have a super, super lovely Christmas! Christy x

The party season is upon us! It’s officially 9 days and counting until Christmas Day and the best time of year to get out your favourite dress and start experimenting with your makeup box. If your stuck for ideas or just want to try something new,  I’ve put my 3 go to looks below for some festive inspiration.

★ Look 1:  Super Glitter

This is SO EASY! I’m not the best at eye make up but this takes all of 10 minutes and is so fun for a party. Start by smoking out your cat eye shape in a black eye shadow or liner and then simply press the shadow into the shape as thickly as possible. I used the Stila Magnificent Metals Shadow (which is so good!) but any gold or glitter shadow will work, just spray some setting spray to wet it and you’ll get the best colour pay off. For lips I used a Kiko lipliner in a deep purple to keep with the Autumnal theme and some highlighter on my cheek bones.

★ Look 2:  Classic Cat Eye / Red Lip Combination

You can’t go wrong with this look, it suits everyone and it goes with everything. Start with your eyeliner and layer on a thick coat, I like to start by drawing a line up on each corner and then filling in the main shape across the lash line. Add a slick of red lipstick, some shimmery highlight and your done. Super simple and very gorgeous.

★ Look 3:  The Big Smoke

This is not about precision or the perfect blend of 3 colours, this is more a big brush and just go for it. Concentrating on the outer corner of your crease, swirl a dark colour in a shade of your choice until it’s well blended. Then pat a lighter colour along your lash line and in the inner corner and finish with a shimmery shade to add a Christmassy touch. I paired this with a simple nude lip and a light dusting of bronzer.

★★ Merry Christmas! ★★

As we’re coming to that time of year when you start thinking about new starts and making changes, I thought I would do a little post on clearing out your wardrobe. What could be nicer than starting the new year with a wardrobe full of clothes that fit and that you actually want to wear. Definitely time better spent than signing up for a gym membership you know you’ll only use in January…
Step 1
Pick out your favourite pieces (these must be items that you regularly wear) and set them aside. This is the core of your wardrobe and the starting point for everything else.
Step 2
Pick out the pieces that you wear with them, these should be versatile and fit well. They don’t have to be plain but these should be pieces you wear often and that work well with the core items. This applies to accessories as well, so think about your everyday bag or scarf.
Step 3
If there are any garments that have sentimental value and you don’t want to get rid of put in your keep pile now. Try to be selective though, it’s hard but your wardrobe is not a space for keepsakes.
Step 4
Now look at what’s left. Anything that you haven’t worn in the last 6 months or that you know doesn’t fit needs to go. I don’t care if you eBay it, donate it to charity or give to friends but just let it go. This is taking up valuable space for things that will make you feel 100% better about yourself.
Step 5
Anything that’s left is for trying on. You may have worn these pieces recently or are keeping them for an occasion but this is where you need to make informed choices. Does the colour and style flatter you? If not get rid and if your still holding on to something a size smaller really get rid.
Step 6
Refill your wardrobe and organise. The best way is to start with your everyday pieces and graduate into evening wear that you know you need as often. It’s useful to group things together also, tops skirts etc as this will help you to build outfits quickly. Same goes for handbags and accessories, unless your wearing that feather boa to the office tomorrow?
Step 7
Try on all the pieces you’ve got left in your wardrobe, mix and match them and take lots of pictures. Doing this means you’ll never be stuck for an outfit and you can flick through the camera roll on your phone for quick ideas and when your out shopping.
Step 8
Keep it organised! Don’t rush to the sale to fill it up with more random pieces your never going to wear. Always focus on keeping the best of the best in your wardrobe and consider what you already have when buying new pieces.
Happy clearing.